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Helping you maintain a secure and dependable LAN

Network Firewall Monitoring:

Network firewall monitoring records key network data and will report on average busy time, memory pools, packet discards, input/output errors, queue lengths and collisions. This will allow SYSTEMCORE to ensure that your network infrastructure devices are operating within recommended limits and network performance is optimal.

Patch Management:

Patch Management ensures that network security and patches are up-to-date on workstations and servers on your network. Under patch management SYSTEMCORE can schedule off-peak times to re-boot systems, test updates before they are applied and apply all security patches. All is performed behind-the-scenes so it will not disrupt the normal work environment.

Managed Anti-virus (Server based):

If you have a server based anti-virus solution, SYSTEMCORE will provide server based anti-virus management. You will provide remote access to the anti-virus server so that SYSTEMCORE may monitor service status, patches and virus definitions. This will ensure that you have the maximum protection possible from your anti-virus solution.

Security Administration:

Remote security continuously monitors security vulnerabilities such as: monitor account lockouts, multiple failed login attempts, track user creation and track policy changes all while continuously scanning for viruses.

Backup Monitoring:

Backup monitoring allows SYSTEMCORE to ensure that critical data is always safe. We monitor for tape status, backup failures, service status, backup application errors, read/write errors and errors indicating the heads need to be cleaned.

Backup Administration:

You will provide SYSTEMCORE with remote access so SYSTEMCORE may schedule backups and remotely install backup clients.