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Helping you maintain a secure and dependable LAN

24x7 Availability Monitoring & Alerting (Desktop, Network & Servers):

Your company's performance will be measured and represented for every device that is remotely scan-able on their network. The detailed representation gives SYSTEMCORE the ability to track and estimate future performance based on past data connected to a set warning level. If the level is breached, an alert will be sent to SYSTEMCORE so action can be taken to resolve the problem.

Error & Event Log Monitoring:

Through error reporting and event log monitoring SYSTEMCORE receives security alerts, application errors and informational messages providing better service response time and more proactive problem solving more effectively to serve your company.

Drive Space Monitoring:

SYSTEMCORE will remotely monitor your drives and provide alerts at critical stages including 15% or less disk space, 5% or less disk space, 0% disk space and read/write errors. Other critical stages may be set up per your needs.

Website Monitoring:

By monitoring your website SYSTEMCORE has the ability to give you statistics onsite traffic and hit rates. We will also monitor web content and alert you when there is web content or status changes. Website Monitoring will ensure stability and reliability of your website.

Application & Database Monitoring:

Application and Database Monitoring gives SYSTEMCORE early detection of productivity loss within applications and databases. By proactively maintaining this area SYSTEMCORE will decrease and prevent the occurrence of similar issues in the future.

Asset & Software Monitoring:

SYSTEMCORE will keep a comprehensive list of hardware and software inventory and constantly track the status of all your contracted hardware and software inventory. This detailed list can be used in proof statements for Insurance companies and help planning for future hardware and software investments.