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Company Career

SYSTEMCORE is committed to diversity in our workforce. We believe that we are enriched by differences in religion, race, culture, gender, age, ability, education, sexual orientation and family status. We welcome and accommodate employees with special needs.

Current job postings:

1. Technical Support Rep.

Troubleshoot and fix hardware/software issues including desktops, notebooks and peripherals and resolve these in a timely and cost efficient manner, explain and resolve client issues and concerns, respond to time deadlines and handle highly stressful situations in a professional manner, complete necessary paperwork, other duties as assigned, or required. Following skills required: 1 years related experience, valid driver license, outstanding customer service and communication skills, appropriate certifications, strong working knowledge of Office software, Windows desktop & server O/S, network connectivity and vendor configurations. If you are interested in this position we look forward to hearing from you. Please send your resume and expected salary to hr@systemcore.com, please refer to the position title.